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Did you know that the history of waist beads are so rich and tangible?Create for yourself a clear spiritual path and manifest healing energy through the minxdiva waist beads! In the healing shop, all waist beads are personally customized to fit your body and shape! You can also choose from a selection of colors and bead shapes. Whatever you choose for your body, it will be perfect for you!


Here is my advice for tying on waist beads:
1. Remove the strand(s) from the bag and stand in front of a mirror. 

2. Wrap the strand around your waist. (Do not tie knots or cut the anchor beads off, trust me these beads will roll everywhere.)  

3. Look in a mirror to decide where you want the strand to lay. (Nope, it’s not time to cut yet.)
4. Push a small space between the beads and check the location again. (Don’t worry the anchor beads will keep them from sliding off the thread. Make sure that you have room to be comfortable.)

5. If you are happy with the location tie 4 or 5 knots. (I find it good to do this slowly and try to get the knots as tight as possible.)

6. Once you are sure the beads are secure, cut off the excess string and beads. (This is when I burn the excess string with a lighter and add a drop of super glue). 

 Make sure they are not too tight, so that they do not break when you bend or sit (or after you eat really good). I personally have worn my original strand for almost 2 years without taking it off. Yes at this point it is much looser, because my weight fluctuates and the string will eventually breakdown.


Waist Beads

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