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My books are currently closed, so at this time I am only available for brides, editorial, photo and video shoots.


Nail Enhancements:

Full Set of Gel Sculptures [stiletto or coffin shaped] $150

Full Set of Gel Sculptures [square or round shaped] $125



Stilettos/Coffin $125

Square/Round $100

Metallic Nails $75

Metallic Toenails $75


Swarovski Bling Nails $25 per nail

Swarovski Bling Toenails $175

Swarovski Bling Big Toenails $125


Nail repair $10 per nail


Natural Nails:

Baobab Manicure $50

Baobab Pedicure $75


Gel Nail Polish $35

Gel Toe Polish $35

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